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to politics, the big news stories. a lot of that coming up. >> we're having a guest from a group called richmond built. they are talking about getting good jobs for people who need them. >> how often do you hear the major of major city call his own city strange. we'll be hearing from him and what city he can be talking about. >> we're finally out of the rain. forecast and all that. we're start ing off with sad news this morning. three people are dead after a late night apartment fire in san jose. that fire began at 11:00 last night on bridge port court on the city's west side. this san jose fire department put out that fire then discovered the bodies of a man, woman and child. three other people including the officer who rescued one of the people who were injured were hospitalized with smoke inhalation. that fire displaced 56 people from the building. investigators are still looking into the cause. what you're looking at here are
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pictures from a fire yesterday in the mission district that left more than three dozen people homeless. this is in san francisco. it ripped through several apartment buildings. that fire broke out just after 9:30 yesterday morning on 23rd street, quickly spread to the near by buildings. firefighters worked for almost 2 the hours to contain it. 5 unit buildings were involved. three of them appear to be a total loss. no one was injured. the red cross is helping people forced out of their homes. they're opening up a center today for those people. police announced the arrest of three more suspects in the murder of a man. raveesh kumar kumra former own of the famed mountain winery was killed during a home invasion on november 30th. police say that lucas anderson, javier garcia and deanglo austin were arrested.
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22-year-old raven dixon was also arrested. police are not released details about what led to the arrest or the relationships between the suspects. three major cities with two days to go oakland is at 130 homicides for the year. 26% increase from 2011. san francisco 67 homicides so far. 1/3 increase over last night. san jose is 45, still low for a city of almost a million people. police are looking for a suspect in an especially brutal robbery in san francisco. the victim was not injured and the thugs only made off with a few dollars. the crime took a nasty turn. >> i heard them say i'm going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old, sweetest thing ever. >> she asked not to be named so we won't show her face. this woman was robbed yesterday not only of money but her best
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friend roxy who she loved most on this everett. -- on this ert. >> she -- earth. >> she lost her phone so he parked her car when a man approached her >> he said give me all your money. >> roxy started barking. >> he said i'm going to kill your dog. >> after a struggle he made good on his promise. >> he grabbed roxy from her collar. i see her fly towards traffic. he threw her into incoming traffic. >> roxy was rushed to er but it was too late. >> they said she was pretty bad in critical condition. i had to put her down. >> it was bad. >> they police are looking for any video evidence. this
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woman's heart is broken. >> i can't sleep, i can't close any eyes because -- my eyes because the second i do i see everything in my head again. >> if anyone has any information leading to the air force and con -- leading to the arrest and conviction there's a $1,000 reward. >> that's off. a individual vigil held for a young man shot and killed during a confrontation with police earlier this week. the vigil was held outside the hair a hand where anthony banter junior worked. police were called to an apartment where a woman said banter was attacking his roommate. police say he was armed with a knife and he was forced to shoot. family and friends say he was a gentle person that must have suffered a break down. >> we just don't understand how somebody could have taken his life. i'm certain something happened. how somebody could take -- he was small in statute.
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5 foot 4, 130 pounds, how threatening is that? >> family members say that police haven't shared any information with them about his death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. this morning they are still trying to form a last minute compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> the deal they're considering only kicks the cans down the road again. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnel left the capitol tight lipped by smiling after working behind doors to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. he and harry reid are working on a scale down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike. the plan is to present it to the senate for a vote on sunday and then send it over to the house. house speaker john boehner was at the capitol but left with no
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comment. the democrats insist the wealthy pay more in taxes. >> the president's tax hike would only fund the government for l days. americans deserve to know what does the president propose we do for the over 357 days of the year. sdmrsz -- >> president omaba insists his plan on the table is fair and includes plenty of cuts to government spending. >> we just afford a wound to our economy. >> if sunday's negotiations don't pan out the president says he's red to -- he's ready to propose his own scaled back bill that would preserve expiring unemployment benefits. >> with the deficit ticking higher -- >> it's disgusting. >> miss ing in all the last minute negotiations is talk of the 1.2 trillion in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go
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into effect tuesday. >> the fiscal cliff count down is the big topic on this morning's fogs the morning -- face the nation. there's two big visitors. it starts right after this newscast at 8:30 on cbs 5. plastic shopping bags may soon be the fast. >> the final 2 days for those bags in an entire bay area county. >> a 2012 close, a look back at some of the big stories in the usa. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as the new year begins tues the new ban appl 20 minutes before 8:00. one of the biggest counties is jumping on the plastic bag ban. the new ban applies to all of alameda county.
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the incorporated areas and all of its cities also. stores will no longer be able to give customers one time use plastic bags. customers must bring their own bags or pay 10 cents each for a recyclable paper bag. similar laws are in effect in san jose, san francisco and dozens of other california cities and counties. san jose says since it's ban took effect the number of plastic bags littering city streets has gone down 59%. the rain is gone. we're trying to get used to seeing the sunshine. ryan has more details on what we can expect. >> we'll see a little bit more of it today. there's some clouds around the bay area. we have high clouds, no rain from this though. a little patchy fog out there. it's chilly though. the big thing in the next few days is going to be the fact temperatures will plunge into the 30s in most
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locations. concord is just 35 degrees. oakland down to 39. at the airport san jose has 37. it's freeze ing ing in -- freezing in santa row so. the feeling will be sunny and cool. it will be chilly tonight. mostly cloudy new year's eve. it will still be chilly on december 31st on that night. it doesn't look look -- look like we're going to have any rain in the forseeable future. all the high clouds are out in the pacific. a little ridge of high pressure means mostly sunny skies today. a few high clouds from time to time. we're not done with the chilly temperatures though. no better than 50s today. let's run the future cast forward. it shows mostly clear skies over the state of california with that northern flow. it's a dry direction. you're going to want to moisturize. it's just that time of year,
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very dry weather for the bay area. a few clouds tomorrow, winds out of the west at 30. no rain. for los angeles for tomorrow looks nice, sunny skies. headed to denver, light snow. you're foing to -- going to see a lot of 50s around. at the airplane 52. 52 at half-moon bay. in the east bay after some of the high clouds it will be pleasant. the numbers will be on the chilly side. just low 50s will do it. so bundle up as you head out. up in the north bay it wouldn't be a bad day to go to the beach but we have that fairly high surf out there. a nice day other wise if you bundle up. 53 degrees in daily city, in san francisco 51, 55 alameda, in oakland 52. we're
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going to be looking for things to be partly cloudy on new year's eve. the numbers will be from 43 to 50. in the extended forecast from time to time we will get clouds this upcoming week. the numbers will be in the 50s all week. it looks like it will be dry right into next weekend. there's nothing big coming in. we finally get a chance to drain and dry. bad news for fun gas but for fungus but good news for us. for the fire works in san francisco cal train has free rides beginning at 11:00 p.m. with later service only for southbound trains. n u nshg y -- nuny will offer free rides. there will be extended hours for light rail.
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bart is not offering free rides but will extend service to 3:00 a.m. major news events in 2012 included the fall from grace of a former sports hero, massive storm that devastated parts of the northeast and the massacre at an elementary school. randall pink ston looks back at the year's top stories. >> a gunman stormed sandy hook elementary school. when it was over 6 adults and 20 first graders were dead. >> they're just babies. >> the shooter 20-year-old adam lanza killed himself. it was the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. >> in july a man opened fire during the midnight premier of the new bat man movie in colorado. >> he took the gun and pointed it to my face. >> james holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. >> the shooting death of an
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unarmed florida teenager sparked protest around the country. george zimmerman argued he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense but prosecutors charged him with murder. >> a judge sentenced jared lee loft ner to 7 life terms for the attempted assassination of gabby giffords. >> super storm sandy slammed into the east coast. >> these are our homes and we lost everything. everything is gone. >> the biggest storm caused billions of dollars in damages. >> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. they took away victories from penn state
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costing joe paterno his most winning coach award. >> lance arm strong was banned from cycling. arm strong maintains he did not use performance enhancing drugs. >> john edwards walked after federal prosecutors failed to convince a jury the former presidential candidate misused campaign donations to hide his mistress. >> the last of nasa's space shuttles arrived at museums around the country while the first privately built spacecraft delivered supplies to the international space station. >> the curiosity landed on mar mars. >> felix bomb gardener broke the speed of sound during the faster and highest free fall ever. >> and we are going to have more reviews of 2012 through out the morning. at about 8:15 we
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will take a look at the top political stories. that is going to be over on the cw channel 44, channel 12 on most cable systems. this day marks 150 years for one of america's most significant pieces of history. >> the emancipation mans proclamation isbleming -- emancipation proclamation is about to make a rare appearance. we will let you know where after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the document aimed at freei the slaves was signed by abm lincoln 150 years ago. it wt into effect on january 1st, 1863. it will go on public display at the natiol archives in washington, d-cn new year's day. when it was exhibited in michigan last year... people waited up to eight hours to see it. in sports... the warriors continue to dismantle opponents. the latest victims... the boston celtics. golden state now has 20 victories before new year's. and it's the first time them has accomplished that in mo than three decades. gary gelfand has the highlights. >> it's been more than three decades since last anytime. -- last time.
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>> the wariers are the real deal. last night they faced the boston celtics. garnet his ritual. 22 for stephanie -- curry. they were in control all night long. he stills get this one to fall. warriors now 11 games over 500. best start in 32 years. the lady cardinals shot 18% on the afternoon. stanford's 82 home game win streak snapped. uconn won 61-35. santa clara with a rare visit to duke. they played well but too much seth curry. duke wins 90-77. >> senator john mccoin on the
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toin as. already up 34-7 it's they kel -- it's kelly to ross. the final is a arizona state rolling over navy 62-28. there you go. that is you sports. have a great day. >> well done. it's the final weekend of the nfl regular season. the 49ers host arizona today. the oakland raiders in the san diego, a game you can see at 1:00. we'll talk about the spartans hugely successful season. that will begin at 11:30 right after our late newscast. >> thanks. what is the best way to get people who want to work into jobs with decent pay. richmond build developed talent for the construction and renewable energy field. this is leslie.
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good morning to you. thanks for join joining us. >> thank you. >> tell us about that program. what's new? what's different about this? >> the idea is fairly simple. if we can get young people in our community the skills and training they need to access well paying jobs we can help them make better choices for themselves as their family. we can lay the foundation for change in our underserved communities. it helps us tide against public safety and social issues. >> so really trying to make people's lives better so they don't turn to bad things. >> exactly. all of our programs are about job readiness and job training. how to we give our young folks, especially a competitive edge in today's environment. we do it by putting them through these programs that give them skills for areas of the economy we know are stable or growing. >> so things like solar energy,
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technology. >> hazmat training, advanced carpentry, electrical and welding. the nice thing is richmond build has agreements so the graduates into directly into preapprenticeship. one of the things that has been difficult and the underemployment and jobs folks qualify for. richmond build helps give them them references. i think the hourly wage for a grand jury -- from a graduate from this program is $18. a portion of every dollar they're earning is coming back into the community. >> how do you balance the need for getting some of these people who don't have jobs, who don't have any schooling getting them a job while there's so many other people looking for a job as well? >> the very cool thing about
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richmond build is they are more everybody. somebody looking for a change, maybe they did a great job and earned a lot of money. now they need to look at where the economy is growing. for example, whole foods warehouses is coming into the richmond area. that means warehousing is a huge component. rich they will -- richmond will be helping put together a training program. you can be certified, have the job experience, have the references you need to get one of these jobs that will be available. >> just to make it clear for people, this is called richmond build. this is expanding quite a bit and could be more so. >> yeah. the excite inging part about richmond build is we approached them because we thought our mission is to help save lives and grow the economy. what better way than giving people the skills and training they need. we approached the city of richmond to say could we expand it to the city of san pablo and offer it to our
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residents. >> all right. thank you for joining us. we're going to have a link to your organization on our website later. as the new year arrives there will be new laws. everything from text messaging to breast-feeding will be effected. a run down in our next half hour. >> you've talking about san francisco. come on. everything gets strange here. >> how many mayors refer to their own town as strange. we talk to san francisco's ed lee about the serious and not so serious events of the past year. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ves in an apa
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fire, on a traj a -- tragic scene after three people lose their lives in an apartment fire. >> more people are arrested in the murder of a venture capitalist. there's still a lot of questions about this case. >> you're talking about san francisco, come on. everything gets strange here. >> wait a minute. san francisco's may jor talk -- mayor talks about a strange year for his strange town. there's the living proof. welcome to eyewitness news this morning. i'm bryan. >> i'm ann. thanks for start starting your -- starting your day with us, the last sun of the
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year. we have a lot coming up. we are going to take a look back at the year when it comes to the top political stories as the political story of the end of the year continues, the clock is ticking before we tumble off the fiscal cliff. >> we're about to bring you up to date on that. it seems as if surprise surprise they come together at the last minute. looks like that might be happening this morning. >> we have the mayor. through the imagine imagine -- through the magic of tape phil will be along to talk to the major. we have some serious stuff to catch up on. >> we are starting with the fiscal cliff talks. today senate leaders are continuing to work to reach an 11th hour deal that would prevent a tax hike for all americans. even physical lawmakers strike a compromise in time it's not going to be a long term solution. >> senate republican leader
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mitch mcconnel left smiling. >> make any progress today sir? >> he and harry reid are worked on a scaled down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike. the plan is to prevent it to the full senate for a vote sunday and then send it over to the house. house speaker john boehner was at the capitol but left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrats incest ent of the higher tax rates. >> it would only funneled the government -- fund the government for 3 days. sdwlsz -- >> president omaba insists his plan on the table is fair. >> we just can't afford a self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> if sunday's negotiations don't pan out the president says he's ready to propose his own scaled back bill that would
8:02 am
block increases for all by the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. >> with the deficit ticking higher patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us who invest in the stock market it's disgusting to watch them play around with our money. >> missing in all the last minute negotiations is talk of the 1.2 trillion in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect tuesday. three people are dead after a late night apartment fire in san jose. the fire began just after 11:00 last night on bridge port court. they discovered the bodies of a man, a woman and a child. >> whenever you have calls that people are trapped we're automatically going to upgrade that alarm, maybe sure we have a person in place to perform those rescues. hearing that we had multiple rescues, it's the
8:03 am
middle of the night, people are sleeping, it's a time we know we need to get our resources out here quick. >> three others including the officers were hospitalized with smoke intallation. investigators are looking into the cause. more than three dozen people are without their homes after a fire ripped through several apartment building in san francisco. the fire broke out just after 9:30 yesterday morning on 23rd street and quickly spread to near by buildings. firefighters worked for about 2 hours to contain it. 5 multiunit buildings were involved. investigators say at least three buildings appear to be a total loss. nobody injured. investigators are still trying to determine the cause there too. police have announced the investigators d -- announced the arrest of three more people for the murder of raveesh kumar kumra. police say lucas
8:04 am
anderson, javier garcia and deanglo austin were arrested. earlier in the month raven dixon was arrested. so far police are not releasing any details on what led to these arrests. 2012 has been keeping homicide detectives busier than usual in the bay areas three major cities. with two days to go oakland has seen 130 homicides this year. san francisco has 67 homicides so far a, that is a 1/3 increase over last year. san jose's 40 e -- 45 is low but it's still 12.5% higher than the number in 2011. mayor ed lee spoke about the rising rate. >> he also talked about less serious issues. take a look. >> okay . so you're coming up to the end of your first year in
8:05 am
office. >> official year in office. >> what's the strangest thing that happened this year >> strangest? you're talking about san francisco. come on. everything gets strange here. >> all right are -- all right. it's all delivered in the same tone of voice? >> i have to say that i'm pretty happy with the economy of the city. that's done well. i think our unemployment rate has gone down. our job numbers have gone up. i'm looking forwarder -- forward to creating another foundation for jobs, jobs, jobs. as you always point out, there are things that happen that we never expect. this year we had a few of them. >> so when you were mayor what happened when you got the word that one wroufr police sergeants posted a -- word that one of your police sergeants posted a video of himself going through the tunnel at 85 miles an hour.
8:06 am
>> i would know if it was a joke. >> they aren't. you wake up and you have all these plans for the economy, for jobs but it's what is ever happening that morning. if someone like me is going to come and put mic on your face for it. >> it's like me watching it like everybody else saying is this true, what's this guy all about and how many -- you start asking all these questions like everyone else has. you come to the conclusion if he really did it how over the cliff is he? what's going on here? >> i remember with you every day there would be something. a mini bus plows into somebody's house and we come up to you and say what happened. you get angry about that. >> that is absolutely true. let me tell you, neither of them had the problem that i had. my reaction was always completely focused on defense with my department, whether they were
8:07 am
right or not. what happened, they take out my whole command stand. he's had it easy. this is one cop in a car. we have a lot more holding tacos. >> what do you do when you wake up in the morning? do you scale the newspaper, return on the radio or put your hands over your eyes and ears? >> usually i'm looking at what occurred. i was actually look ook at the number of homicides because they were higher. police chief is giving me all that information. we get together very frequently and talk about that and to talk about the circumstances that led to it. many of the homicides, like the house street one that was really horrible, four people get murdered in one place, those -- you don't feel like you can
8:08 am
do a lot when they're targeted individuals. any street violence stuff i take under serious consideration. >> it's eastbound -- it's even worse if one of those names turns out to be somebody you recognize. the murder, the chef over at arden g lounge is one of the people whom we all had met at one point or another. i becomes visual. now you have to talk to that family. >> while you're saying all this, let's remember that this is san francisco. while you are handling homicide rates and jobs and budgets and turn around and find out the network news is calling me about whether we should have clothes on nudity ban. >> what's it look being mayor when that's a top thing? >> you have to have fun with it. i've been talking about the legislation and what we've had
8:09 am
to go through. that 6 to 5 vote, that was horrible. >> it was. >> oh , man, it is a little crazy. when i go out i have to actually be informed about it. i have to dig into the details and find out what's really happening. >> do you have a hard time keeping a straight face when answering these questions? >> oh, i don't have a straight face when it comes to that piece of legislation. >> it is depressing to dive into the details. >> he seems to have a fairly good time doing it. firefighters are still on the scene trying to figure out how a deadly pardon me fire started. >> the new year could open a new chapter on computer viruses. what you should look out for in cyber space. scomblsz -- >> a wild time for politics in 2012. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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which -- it is chilly out there. ryan has more details on what we can expect for the rest of the day and in new year. >> yes. i'm going to look ahead of the mu -- new year. >> i'm hoping so. it's hours a away. isn't it funny how fast this year has gone? we have some high clouds. aside from that, mostly sunny start to your sunday morning. boy, it's chilly out there though. 35 at concord, oakland at 40, sfo 43. in santa r os a 31. we have a cold air mass that's settled in over the bay area. out the door we will have on the average partly sunny skies but temperatures if you're going out like around 10:00 this morning it's still going to be plenty chilly inland 38 degrees or so, 4 1
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near the bay, 45 at the coast. do bundle up. that's called sunny and cool for the rest of the day. chilly to -- tonight. mostly cloudy sky ies for new year's eve. you know, not bad. there's no rain on the way. low pressure has spun out of california into the four corners region. that other what might be nasty looking system to the untrained eye actually is just going to go to the north. high pressure that's over the west coast is going to keep us high and dry. a few high clouds from time to time but that will be about it. mostly sunny skies today. temperatures don't recover much though. the future cast, a few high clouds this morning get swept away. very dry direction of winds. it will keep us sunny and dry and a very pleasant sunday on tap. if you're headed out of the bay area though, a few clouds in sacramento, freeze warnings posted from fresno south. a few showers will not amount to much in the mountains. 29 at fair field.
8:15 am
it's going to get chilly tonight. 33 in redwood city. 35 for san jose. forecast highs for today, the mid 50s for the bay area. that's on the chilly side. 51 san francisco. for new year's eve, not badly partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40s around game time. temperatures going to be partly cloudy and in the 50s all week this week. in rain in sight. there might be a little bit of driz -- drizzle but not much. that's a change. >> yes . as we were talking about, good weather for the fire works. >> yes, the visibility should be good. >> thanks. it's been a busy year for american politics. president omaba won reelection while republicans held onto a majority in the house.
8:16 am
danielle nottingham reviews the year's biggest developments. >> president omaba won 4 more years on a promise to move the country forward. sdmrsz -- >> i will return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. >> he defeated mitt romney after the most expensive presidential campaign in u.s. history. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> voters said the economy was the number one issue. romney got paul ryan has his running mate and came out swinging in the debates. the election's unscripted moments stole the head line. >> if you have a business you didn't build that. >> i'm not going to shut out my term. >> and an answer to a question about abortion sunk a congressman's senate bid. >> it's a rape the female body has ways to try to shut that
8:17 am
whole thing down. >> president omaba's healthcare reform law had its day in court. the supreme court upheld the law. it will take up the issue of same sex marriage in 2013. after votes in maryland, maine and washington, same sex marriage is now legal in nine states. >> scandals kept washington buzzing. the exploits of the president's security detail in columbia cost 8 security services their job. david petraus resigned. >> i don't trust her. >> a group of gop senates threatened to block her nomination saying he misled the public about the attack in libya. >> there's going to be a massive fiscal cliff. >> in capitol hill the gridlock
8:18 am
that defined the year turned into a stalemate over tax hikes and spending cuts that threatened to flung the economy back into recession. president omaba and john boehner failed to reach a deal before christmas. lawmakers left for the holiday with the country on the edge of the fiscal cliff. danielle nottingham, cbs news washington. >> it was quite a year. we've going to -- we're going to have more reviews in the last hour. at 8:45 we will take a look at the international news stories of 2012. that is going to be on the cb channel 44, cable 12. for the moment let's look ahead. mcathy labs expects hacking to mobile devices to expand. they might that stuff. the company is especially concerned about so-called ransom ware. it's a type of virus that locks up a phone or tablet and threatens to keep it that way
8:19 am
until a ransom is paid. other concerns for mobile customers include trojan horse programs to buy apps without user permission and the hacking of digital wallets. a decline in attacks by hackers because their technical sophistication has grown. >> that's quite the target. it's a murder that even a big city like new york everybody is in shock. >> the arrest of a man pushed to his death at a subway station. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
a man in front of a subway a woman in new york has been charged with murder as a hate crime for pushing a man in front of a subway train. police say the surveillance video they released help find 31-year-old
8:22 am
erica mendez. she admitted shoving the man. she said she hates hindus and muslins since they put down the towers. the victim was from india. if convicted she could face 25 years to life in prison. worries people concerned about distract inging diving. they have send text messages as long as they use a method last hands free. opponents say hands free texting still draws attention away from the law. among other laws that will go into effect carbon monoxide detectives have to be installed in condos and apartments along with smoke detectors. businesses and schools can't demand people share their social
8:23 am
media information. school officials and coaches must report is theed child sexual abuse. testing of self-driving cars will be allowed on california roads. a lot of people planning on drinking on news year's eve. you hear it every year, don't drink and drive. for the fire works in san francisco cal train has free rides beginning at 11:00 p.m. with later service only for southbound trains. uni will offer free rides. for -- all light rail is free. there will be extended hours. the bart will not offer free rides but extend service to 3:00 a.m. to people can stay out. coming up, one last look at this morning's top stories.
8:24 am
intlsz the con -- >> the confetti is already falling in nu falling -- new york city. why the big apple seems to have gotten ahead of themselves. >> we'll billion -- we'll be right back. blood pressure -- we'll be right back. blood pressure -- we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
8:25 am
apartment fire in west san . the fire began just after en our top stories this morning. three people are dead after an apartment fire in west san jose. that fire began after 11:00 last night. dozens of people are displaced. you know, i see weather and i just automatically leap. >> go for it. intlsz it's like-- >> it's like bird to feed. we're going to be looking for a nice day today . temperatures in the 50s. you could just repeat that like night and morning fog
8:26 am
and low clouds an clearing in the afternoon in the summertime because all week partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s. >> all right. we'll take it. the most critical piece of the new year's eve party in time square is red to i to -- is ready do go. they tested the confetti yesterday. people write their wishes for the new year's on pieces of that con í confetti. thousands of people have submitted their wishes. all of them will be mixed in with the rest of the con í amphetamine -- confetti. at midnight over 17 million pieces will come down. >> what else does con í amphetamine í amphetamine í fete -- con í fetti do, fall. >> we will be back here next sunday in 2013. in the meantime, bye-bye 2012. thanks for joining us.
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today on "face the nation." with the country set to fall off the fiscal cliff in just hours, time is running out for congress to make a deal. and what a difference a day makes. on thursday, things looked bleak. >> speaker boehner is unwilling to negotiate we have not heard a word from leader mcconnell. nothing is happening. >> we wanted an agreement, but we had no takers. >> o'donnell: it took a trip to the white house and a package scolding from the president. >> the american people are watching what we do here. obviously, their patience is already thin. this is deja vu all over again. >> o'donnell: but by week's end, senate leaders agreed to make a last-ditch effort to get a deal. >> so i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> i'm going to do everything i can. i'm confident senator mcconnell will do the same. >> o'donnell: we'll have the

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Richmond 10, Us 8, Omaba 4, California 4, Washington 4, John Boehner 3, Raven Dixon 2, Lucas Anderson 2, Raveesh Kumar Kumra 2, Ryan 2, Javier Garcia 2, The City 2, Cbs 2, Cal 2, Penn 2, Mcconnell 2, Mitch Mcconnel 2, Harry Reid 2, Alameda 2, Boston 2
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